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SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 Documentation

Links to other Web sites

General Linux Documentation (SuSE) :-

Setting and enquiring the speed of an ethernet adapter
Configuring the grub boot loader
I forgot my root password - What now?
Console framebuffer modes - booting linux in VGA modes
Setting up basic IP failover using heartbeat.
Hard reset of your linux system - If shutdown does not work.

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 Documentation :-

IP failover on SLES8

Links to other Web sites :- - The main Linux WWW site.
UK Linux WWW site.
The Slackware distribution home page.
The RedHat distribution home page.
The Debian distribution home page.
The SuSE Linux distribution home page.
Yellow Dog Linux is a distribution for a Apple Macintosh PowerPC, G3 or RS/6000.
Sunsite, Metalab, Ibiblio or whatever the name is (Has changed so often now) - Very large archive of GNU/Linux stuff.
Freshmeat - OpenSource applications.
IP-Masquerading compatibility Information - Very powerful feature of Linux.
WINE - Windows Emulator to run Windows application within Linux.
Linuxworld - IDG's magazine for the Linux community.
Printer compatibility database for Linux and other info.
MOSIX - Clustering and parallel computing for Linux.
The Linux Parallel Processing HOW-TO.
High-Availability Linux Project.
A very powerful and easy to use HA solution
The Linux Documentation project - Check here before asking questions!




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